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Arizona Cardinals 53 man roster prediction

A look at one persons 53 man roster for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We have a great community of readers and commenters here at Revenge of the Birds.

I do my best to acknowledge that, but I don't do it nearly enough.

The community is what makes RotB unique and even before I took over, special. It is one of the few places you can talk about the Cardinals and give your opinion.

Jess built something great and I've tried to expand on it.

One thing I'll work on more is finding and sharing wonderful comments by smart readers.

That happened on Sunday when Mitch09 dropped a great comment in the Winners and Losers article. Read the entire comment here, but check out Mitch's 53 man roster update with commentary.

Updated 53:

QB (3): Palmer, Gabbert, Stanton

  • With 2 games left I’d like to see Gabbert get a few series with the number ones.

RB (4): D. Johnson, K. Williams, C. Johnson, Penny

  • I want to see K. Williams play early on as we did in game 1. Chris Johnson made a good block in pass pro, but after that kept releasing as a safety value when he was needed in protection. Did not run the ball with any real burst.
  • Penny makes it over Ellington because of STs. Penny was good again on STs and made a good, hard stop on a punt return. Plus, he is a key blocker on punts.

WR (6): Larry Fitzgerald, Jaron Brown, J.J. Nelson, John Brown, Chad Williams, Jeremy Ross

  • With John Brown injured, it would be great to find a way to keep Chris Hubert as well. Ross’ value on STs and savviness as a veteran WR gives him the slight edge on Brittan Golden. But that competition should go down to the wire.

TE (3): Gresham, Niklas, Momah

  • All three are playing solid. Hakeem Valles plays a lot on STs, but should start the year on the PS.

OL (9): Humphries, Iupati, Shipley, Boehm, Veldheer, Wetzel, Toner, D. Johnson, Holden

  • Tony Bergstrom is deserving of a roster spot, but can the Cardinals really afford to pull the plug on 4th and 5th round picks (Dorian Johnson and Will Holden) so quickly? With Wentzel and Toner being so versatile, the Cardinals can be patient with the rookies.

DL (7): Rucker, Peters, Mauro, Nkemdiche, Gunter, Pierre, X. Williams

  • This unit has flashed but been very inconsistent. It would be wise, imo, to add another player to this mix and start Xavier Williams on the PS.

ILB (5): Dansby, Bucannon, Reddick, Bynes, Wright

  • It would be great to move Reddick to the edge where he belongs, but injuries to Dansby, Bucannon and Byners (and Wheeler) are making this impossible.

OLB (4): Golden, C. Jones, Martin, Bazzie

  • It’s looking like Jarvis Jones is going to have to start the year on the IR. This unit should be upgraded when Reddick is used on the edge.

CB (4): Peterson, Bethel, B. Williams, T. Williams

  • Hard to belive Tramon Williams dropped that interception. But he put a lick on Cohen, which was long overdue.

S (5): Mathieu, Bethea, Branch, Baker, Miller

  • Rudy Ford has been injured and Harlan Miller made a couple of key tackles last night.
  • ST (3) Phil Dawson, Aaron Brewer, Matt Wile *Mitch didn't mark them down I am guessing he would have Matt Wile based on comments, while Dawson and Brewer are gimmes.*

Sticking Point:

BA keeps telling Carson Palmer that he has to get rid of the ball faster. But here’s the problem…without Smoke in the lineup, the Cardinals’ WRs are not getting quick separation.

Throwing the ball too quickly is how CP makes his biggest mistakes…like the post he threw into the end zone last night that should have been intercepted.

Carson Palmer needs time for plays to develop…but his lack of mobility and, last night his under-performing offensive line made that very difficult.

Something has to give here. BA needs to take more measures to maximize Carson’s protection. Keep the RB in. Chip the edges. Otherwise, the offense under Palmer will continue to stall and be prone to turnovers made in haste.