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Joe Haden released, does he make sense for the Arizona Cardinals?

Should the Arizona Cardinals look to bring in Joe Haden after his release from the Cleveland Browns?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports sent out a tweet the peaked my interest:

I don't know if the Arizona Cardinals would have interest in Joe Haden, but to me, it makes sense. The Cardinals would be in a bidding war with other teams for his services, but maybe the former Pro-Bowler would value winning rather than money. Maybe.

If the Cards were to add Haden, the ballpark estimate (in my opinion) would probably be old Justin Bethel numbers, 1 year, $5M per year plus incentives. It would make sense that the Cards would have to add incentives because of the current incentive-laden league we are currently seeing in high profile players.

Would Bethel take a backseat to Haden? I don't know, but this type of acquisition could mean that the Cardinals would possibly have the most intriguing and most talented backend in all the league. I still think that Bethel has done enough to remain the starter for this year, and you have to wonder; would this type of deal hurt the chances of the Cards possibly being able to re-sign Bethel?

Obviously, this would also mean that Brandon Williams would get pushed to strictly nickel roles, while Tramon Williams (who could still be a camp-cut either way) could be pushed out. Being paired up with Patrick Peterson would obviously help the development of Brandon Williams, but how much playing time would Brandon see? How much practice time could he see?

Final: Is it worth signing Joe Haden?

Yes, it is. Especially when you are trying to shut down offenses like it's a going out of business sale, and Haden obviously would be a benefit for the team, not a minus.

Update: Haden is off the market for a pretty penny if he performs well.