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What to watch in the Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos 2017 preseaon game

What to watch in tonight's final preseaon game for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It is the fifth and final preseaon game of 2017 for the Arizona Cardinals and all you can say is… thank goodness.

However, there are a number of players that will continue to pursue their dreams elsewhere, while others will be playing their last football game of their lives.

So, maybe more than any other game we should enjoy the game and really give these players a hearty congratulations, thank you and farewell.

Here's what I'll be watching in today's game.

Is Trevor Knight worth keeping around on the practice squad?

Knight has been lightly worked and when he is out there, it looks not great. The Cardinals are all but certain to keep three quarterbacks, would they dare have four?

Knight is going to get his first extended look in four weeks, he'll be auditioning for a practice squad spot. If not in Arizona, then somewhere

Elijhaa Penny making the roster?

There is a large group, myself included, that we're hopeful of Penny being the grinder back for the Arizona Cardinals. Replacing Stepfan Taylor, getting 30 carries for 60 yards and 2 touchdowns in a season. Yet, Penny hasn't looked the part. He doesn't consistently run through contact and isn't as well rounded as Taylor was in his tenure. Can he put up one more fight to make the roster? Will he get enough time during the James Summers show?

Rudy Ford or Harlan Miller?

I don't expect to see much of either, but who makes their presence known in their short time today? It feels like one sixth round pick is getting cut, is it the 2016 or 2017?

Will Holden and Dorian Johnson

Speaking of day three picks, will the duo of Johnson and Holden work their way onto the roster for the Cardinals? Neither one has stood out in camp or the preseason, Holden has played much more though. It'll be interesting to see how much they play in the final game.

The James Summers show

This kid looked good last week, how will he look during his 30+ carries tonight? Will he earn himself a practice squad spot in the league?

What will you be watching?