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Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos 2017 preseason game thread

It is finally over, well after this game.

The Arizona Cardinals preseason ends tonight with their tilt against the Denver Broncos, in what seems to be becoming a tradition.

If you are braving the game with us, welcome and enjoy. I would love as much feedback on this game as possible as I will admittedly be coaching football and watching the college football games being played.

I will also be watching the Cardinals as much as possible.

If you want to see what the Broncos have done the preseason, Mitch has a look for you.

My roster predictions heading into tonight, that will definitely be wrong.

All the info you need for tonight’s game.

What to watch in tonight’s game.

Finally, JK Henson has a look at the rookies heading into tonight’s game and wondering if some of this years draft picks could be in jeopardy of getting cut.

Enjoy the game and know, this is it, we will be talking real football on the next game thread of the Arizona Cardinals.