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5 Winners and 3 Losers from Arizona Cardinals preseason loss to the Denver Broncos

Who helped themselves and who may have signed their own pink slip for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Mercifully, the preseason is over for the Arizona Cardinals and it ended with a thud.

While Blaine Gabbert had his worst statistical performance of the preseason, he wasn’t bad, but he won’t make this list today as he seems to be almost a lock to be on the final 53 man roster for the Arizona Cardinals.

No, instead this one is going to be about guys who helped and hurt their chances of making the team come Saturday.

Here are the winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals final preseason game of 2017.


Cap Capi - No player in the 2017 preseason had a more universally loved five game stretch than Capi. He added even more to that against the Broncos, with two tackles for loss and an all around performance that has made him such a favorite. He deserves a spot on the final 53 for the Cardinals and looks like a guy who can be a nice backup outside linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals.

Rudy Ford - There were legitimate questions as to whether or not Ford would be on the final roster. There may still be, he was playing through the fourth quarter, but he finally looked comfortable, he finally looked like the athletic defensive back the Cardinals took that sixth round flier on.

Will Holden - Holden looked like the most athletic offensive lineman out there tonight. He was moving in the run game and didn’t get his quarterback killed in pass protection. It was his best performance of the preseason.

Elijhaa Penny - Speaking of best work, Penny looked like the bruising, powerful back the Cardinals have wanted him to be. It was the first time in the preseason he averaged over 4.0 yards per carry and he could put some pressure on the Cardinals as the short yardage type back (although, let’s be honest the Cardinals don’t need any specialty backs with David Johnson on the roster).

Matt Wile - Won the punting battle with Richie Leone. Which means he may be safe until the Cardinals find someone else off the free agent market.


Trevor Knight - My only analysis:

Wide Receivers - Blaine Gabbert missed on two early throws, but settled in and got zero help from his wideouts. Those receivers? Jeremy Ross and Aaron Dobson, who earlier in the week we were arguing over who should be kept as the potential seventh receiver. Things change in an instant in the NFL.

The Arizona Cardinals and their fans - Five preseason games is for the birds...

Who were your winners and losers?