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Could the Arizona Cardinals make a trade during camp?

Three trade possibilities with every increasing odds for the Arizona Cardinals.

Hall of Fame Game - Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Thus began another trade season for the NFL, who’s going to go where? If you are a Cardinals fan, who do you think the Cardinals could trade for? All of this is just speculation, but these are some reasonable trades that the Cardinals could do to make themselves either save some cap space, or to gain valuable pieces. Let’s begin.

Arizona Cardinals receives:
2018 6th Round Selection

Baltimore Ravens receives:
Andre Ellington - Running Back

Small moves like these make for huge waves. Does Andre Ellington have a realistic chance to make the roster? Maybe, since T.J. Logan is gone, but just like we did with Marcus Cooper last year, we traded for someone who obviously was a borderline cut player for the Chiefs. The Ravens may want to pay the small toll to get a former 800+ yard rusher in Ellington.

Could the Ravens actually depend on Lorenzo Taliaferro, Terrance West, or any of the other misfit running back toys that John Harbaugh likes to use. Worth the gamble if you are asking me.

This is only trade number one, buckle up folks, it keeps going. Now that the small trade is finished, we have bigger fish to fry.

Arizona Cardinals receives:
Jordan Matthews - Wide Receiver

Philadelphia Eagles receives:
2018 6th Round Selection (via Baltimore Ravens)
2019 4th Round Selection
Brandon Williams - Cornerback

Before I get a bunch of ‘this is so uneven, why would the Eagles trade a pro-bowl type of receiver for a corner project and future draft selections’? The Eagles are either going to pay Jordan Matthews or are going to pay Alshon Jeffery, they CAN’T afford both plus their newly acquired Timmy Jernigan to contract extensions.

How can we afford a top receiver salary? Easy, Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent after the season, which would give us money to either invest into a player like Matthews (who we could easily franchise tag and call it a day), or play ‘will he, won’t he’ with John Brown. I’ve probably have hurt my chances of re-signing both, but logically, you could have your cake and eat it too. If John Brown is injured this year, is he really going to get a big contract?

Let me cancel that, because I know some team like the Browns (sorry Browns fans) would pay Brown even though he’s been mostly injured lately. But even then, it gives us a chance on avoiding the injury aspect of Brown.

As for Brandon Williams, I personally would love for him to develop into a star because of his speed, but considering he needs to learn the in’s-and-out’s of being a corner, I am more than prepared to roll the dice on ‘win now’. So hello to Carson Palmer’s (and whoever the QB is for 2018's) new shiny toy. And we continue to the last trade.

Arizona Cardinals receives:
Zach Sanchez - Cornerback
Wes Horton - Defensive End
2019 5th Round Selection

Carolina Panthers receives:
Jared Veldheer - Offensive Tackle

Last but not least, I have the one trade that I honestly would be kind of sad to see. Jared Veldheer deserves credit for kind of changing the opinions of many street free agents, where he made Arizona a prime destination for many. I honestly think if there was no Jared Veldheer, then there is a very good chance we don’t get Mike Iupati.

So this more about recouping some lost draft capita (in the Matthews trade), and kind of believing in one of the backups. I think the Cardinals are not going to have either Veldheer and/or Iupati for 2018 because of their combined salary cap. Jared combines for a whopping $7M next season (including roster bonus), but we really need that salary for other players.

Other players you ask? Deone Bucannon, David Johnson, Markus Golden, Rodney Gunter, John Brown, and of course, my newly acquired piece in Jordan Matthews. In order for this trade to work, you have to see what the open market is for offensive tackles currently. Sebastian Vollmer and Branden Albert are ‘retired’, maybe they come back? Maybe Austin Pasztor, but there is a reason he is on the market, he is so slow footed. The backups are John Wetzel, Ulrick John, and maybe rookie Will Holden.

From the Panthers side, it’s more about Daryl Williams being kind of mediocre, and Matt Kalil always being injured. Seriously, Kalil is currently on the injury report for a groin, and has NEVER played to his full potential. Injury prone? Maybe. And the Panthers are probably going to let one of their young corners go, and I personally am a fan of Sanchez since his Oklahoma days. I mean, I am an Okie fan, just as much so as a Cardinals fan. And I get a pass rushing specialist in Wes Horton, someone who could steal the spot from currently injured Jarvis Jones. Swing, swing, swing.

Well that’s it, I did some Madden stuff, made some moves, maybe for the good, maybe for the worst. Don’t know, don’t care. Twas fun. In any fashion, Go Cards!