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Arizona Cardinals training camp recap for 8.8.17

What happened at Arizona Cardinals camp today? Check it out.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals got back to work on Tuesday to get prepared for the Oakland Raiders on Saturday night.

Of course, to begin the day as always is Bruce Arians on what is going on with the Arizona Cardinals as we move towards Saturday.

Let’s call this preseason game one... This is not a big deal, but it is at least on the radar of maybe being important.

I am hopeful. Bethel needs to turn out and put the Cardinals under pressure to bring him back in 2018.

However... I feel like I have heard this before.

Uh oh.

I feel like this should have been addressed, but they did spend a lot on Phil Dawson, so maybe that was a lot of their specials budget?

Brown’s play is going to be important for the Cardinals in 2017. Either that or the Cardinals will need Chad Williams to be ready sooner than expected.

This is actually a great video that shows the difference in how Chandler Jones wins and how Markus Golden wins. You can see Jones looking to use his length and try and get the edge... Golden is going through you.

So sad.

Budda Baker is so good, he’s going to be so good. Health please.

On the other hand, this is really good and important to the Arizona Cardinals.

I am not going to speculate, but I am speculating that maybe Leftwich could be the heir apparent.


Scooby’s strenght as a player was always playing downhill when the play is in front of him. The NFL needs you to do more than that. Is he an NFL player?

Nothing easier than this for the Arizona Cardinals. Carson Palmer to Larry Fitzgerald.