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Arizona Cardinals 2017 NFL Predictions from Revenge of the Birds

The staff gives you their take on the

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NFL season is upon us. Here is what the staff of Revenge of the Birds thinks will happen as the season culminates.

Seth Cox

This season seems like the farewell tour for this iteration of the Arizona Cardinals. I can't help but think they are going to do something with that, even if it doesn't culminate in the Super Bowl.

Record 9-7

Wild Card

Mitchell Reid

This season is going to be exciting, but not for the reasons you might think. With Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald ending their careers sooner than later, this might be the final season of the Cardinals we know and love. That being said, Arizona might find themselves some consistent wins for once, with the emergence of some improved players, as well as some new up and comers. But honestly, Arizona will need to come up with some new tactics to find real, sustained success.

Record 10-6

Wild Card

Jesse Reynolds

Like Mitchell and Seth, I have a good feeling about this season but I'm more optimistic. I feel the line is built to run the ball and that DJ is going to continue turning heads and wowing the NFL. While our WR corps isn't amazing, it is headlined by Fitzgerald who is probably playing his last season and is likely driven to near insane levels of focus and determination.

I also feel that our pass rush and secondary could be one of the best units in the NFL this year. With pressure from Jones and Markus and the play making abilities of Peterson and Mathieu, it appears on paper to be a very solid unit that, with a lead, will be a lock down unit. The run defense scares me but I hope our offense can do enough to force teams to pass.

Looking at the schedule I see a 12-4 season with Seattle, and the last three weeks making or breaking the teams playoff chances.

NFC West Champs, because why not?


This team has undoubtedly changed a lot from the 2015 season that saw them in the NFC Championship game. The Cardinals are going to rely on the playmaking skills of some of their younger guys such as Haason Reddick, Robert Nkemdiche, and even Budda Baker to get them where they want to go. I see the Cardinals going 9-7 and narrowly missing the playoffs this season. David Johnson will be a beast again and could enter the 1000/1000 club for rushing and receiving yards. It should be a fun season, but it feels like a new era will be ushered in sooner rather than later.


Like my fellow co-hosts I think that this team will look closer to 2015 than they will in 2016. Late down the stretch in 2016 Palmer and the offense was on fire and with the improved health of Tyrann Mathieu, Justin Bethel and solid veteran additions both on defense (Dansby, Bethea) and on special teams (Dawson and Lee), I think they could bounce back to make the playoffs. That said, it does feel like in some ways the team’s results are hanging by a thread on the performance of a few select players. Will Robert Nkemdiche disrupt enough to replace Calais Campbell? Can John Brown stay healthy and give them a true second threat at wide receiver? Can Tyrann Mathieu get back to his 2015 Defensive Player of the Year self? And can the revamped offensive line (with an already ailing Iupati) protect Carson Palmer?

I think they can, but what I think doesn’t matter, and the season fully hinges on what Palmer does. I’ve seen enough to think that they could contend or even surpass Seattle in the division but as we saw last year, a few poorly-timed injuries might take the team downhill in a hurry. I’ll lean toward 2016 being the learning lesson, as Keim has loaded this 2017 with long-time veterans much like he did before that magical 2015 season.

Cardinals: 11-5 (Wild Card or Division depending on their record vs. Seattle)


I see the Cardinals offense showing more glimpses of their 2015 form than we saw last season. With David Johnson, and an Offensive Line that should be more improved than what we witnessed in 2016, the offense is primed for a bounceback season. David likely won’t hit that 1000/1000 club, but he will be awfully close again this year. John Brown will be counted on to have a better campaign. With his sickle cell I’m not sure we will see him return to 1000 yard form, but he will be a threat to opposing defenses as they will still have to respect his speed. On Special Teams the unit will be vastly better. Phil Dawson and Andy Lee will bring stability and a veteran presence for their young unit. This defense is likely the most talented unit under the Arians era. They took their hits in Free Agency, but they replaced those pieces with players who are consistent contributors. Tyrann Mathieu is back and finally healthy, can he stay healthy? Justin Bethel has finally won the starting spot opposite Peterson. He will be targeted often by opposing QB’s, so he will be a key to the defenses success.

Record: 12-4 losses to the Cowboys, Seattle once, Rams once, and the Giants in December