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Key stats from a disappointing Cardinals opener

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It’s always a bad taste when your team loses. It’s an even worse taste when fans were somewhat hopeful for the season ahead. Now we return to our jobs. It’s a Monday so we already don’t want to see Matthew from accounting, and since he shares the same first name as Matthew Stafford we despise him even more for the rest of the week.

So we will sit in our little cubicle, just browsing the NFL website and check our fantasy teams and looking at the Cardinals stats, closing it every time Marvin walks by.

So to prevent that snitch Marvin from ratting you out to your boss, I will compile all the key stats from the Cardinals upsetting and frankly, disheartening loss to the Detroit Lions.


That’s the total number of interceptions thrown by Carson Palmer. Two were downright ugly throws, while a third bounced off of Ellington’s outstretched arm and into the hands of the waiting linebacker.


Out of 45 pass blocking snaps, tackle John Wetzel allowed ten pressures. (sack, hit, and eight hurries). I thought Wetzel had looked okay coming in for relief, but it’s a popular idea that Wetzel moves to guard in the event that Humphries is out for the next few weeks.


The total number of yards after contact for David Johnson. Johnson only had 24 yards rushing in the game, an impressively sad and depressing number. The offensive line was no help at all.


Matthew Stafford’s QBR when throwing 10+ yards down the field. The Cardinals could not get enough pressure on Stafford all night, recording only one sack.


How many more yards before Larry Fitzgerald passes into eighth all time on the NFL receiving yards leaders.


The lone sack the Cardinals managed to produce. The same unit that had lead the NFL in sacks in 2016.

Quick Stats:
The Cardinals edged out the Lions with 24 first downs, to their 19.

Arizona only managed to convert on 40% of their third down attempts but converted their only fourth down attempt.

Arizona’s offense averaged 4.6 yards per play. 2.5 yards per rush and 5.4 yards per pass attempt.

The Lions averaged 5.3 yards per play. 6.8 yards per pass .attempt, and 3.0 on the ground

Arizona had four tackles for a loss, resulting in -9 yards for the Lions. Nkemdiche could very well have bumped that number up if he had played.

Arizona averaged 46 yards a punt, but a net of only 34. Lee lacked hang time on his punts, allowing the returner to get a good start against the coverage unit.

Arizona was only 50% on their red zone attempts. They will have to improve in this category to be successful.

The Lions won the time of possession battle, clocking in 33:20 on the field, while the Arizona offense only saw 26:40.

If there's a stat you wish to know, ask in the comments. I will have a PFF numbers article up tomorrow for some more in depth information.

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