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Arizona Cardinals fans Twitter reactions to loss to Lions

A look at social media and the ups and downs of game one for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It started well and it ended poorly, but in between was some great material from you, the fans, on the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Detroit Lions.

Things started out well enough for the Arizona Cardinals defensively:

This created a cavalcade of responses:

Everyone was happy to start the day off:

And Lions fans were not impressed:

Most everything was going well.

Then it all started to fall apart.

Of course, Detroit was making Arizona look good.

It was getting worse.

From there, everything just needed to be restarted...

The defense was clearly out of gas, no one could make a play.

This pretty much summed it all up.

It is nearly impossible to win football games when you lose the turnover battle. It is also very difficult to win games when a rookie named Kenny Golladay is doing things like this:

and this...

In the end, it was too much.

Hopefully the Cardinals get things figured out, even if they have to do so without David Johnson.