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Cardinals cut Scooby, re-sign Philip Wheeler

As expected, the Cardinals brought back the veteran linebacker.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It came as a semi-surprise when the Cardinals announced they had released Philip Wheeler and promoted Scooby Wright III off the practice squad.

Kent Somers was the first to mention that the Cardinals could be making the move in order to save themselves from having to pay the 13-year veteran his full $695,000 salary had he been on the week one roster.

With the teams first game in the books, it was safe to bring back Wheeler. He is now only guaranteed 25% of his salary, taking home “only” $173,000.

Wright was inactive for the teams opening game, so it could be a sign that Wheeler is that low on the depth chart that he will be an inactive player on a weekly basis.

Scooby Wright has already cleared waivers once in the last two weeks, so it’s likely he will do so again and make the Cardinals practice squad.

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