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The most surprising part of the season is how bad the NFC West looks

Sorry LA, but your performance was not good enough to save a putrid start to 2017 for the NFC West.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The NFL is a fickle mistress, the beginning of the 2017 NFL season showed that and it was no more evident than week one of the NFC West.

The Arizona Cardinals offense looked lost while the defense ran out of gas after a strong first three quarters.

The San Francisco 49ers offense looks like they are a team starting Brian Hoyer at quarterback and their defense, while fun, is still young.

Then you have the Seattle Seahawks, who may have the best set of skills players and defense in the division. Yet, they may have the worst offensive line… in the NFL.

It proved to be too much to overcome, as these three NFC West teams combined to go 0-3 against three potential NFC playoff teams while being outscored 75-35, Arizona was the only offense to score a touchdown of the group.

The saving grace of the weekend was the Los Angeles Rams, who flipped the script and blew out the hapless Indianapolis Colts 46-9.

Yet, even with that performance the NFC West was still outscored 81-84 on the weekend and sports a 1-3 record against the rest of the league.

There's a legitimate chance that the NFC West will be won by a 9-7 or… worse.

It may be a different time in the NFC West after going from a power with Seattle and San Francisco to a power with Seattle and Arizona, now you have one team too young to compete, one team who may be too old, and the Seahawks may get their franchise quarterback killed.

The surprise… the Rams look like the most competent team.

Thank god it is only week one.