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Arizona Cardinals need to air it out once more

The Cardinals need to get back to spreading the ball around and relying on Carson Palmer.

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With the injury news that David Johnson will be out for at least 2 to 3 months, many people have lost faith that the Cardinals could be a playoff team or even fear the season is lost. Yes, David Johnson was the centerpiece of the Cardinals offense. David Johnson was what made the Cardinals go, but that does not mean the Cardinals can't buy time until he comes back off IR. The Cardinals have an offense that is older and after watching Carson Palmer's week 1 performance it is worrisome.

That is why the Arizona Cardinals need to throw caution to the wind and just go all out with their passing attack. Not many believe the Cardinals can be a successful team anymore. There is a lot against them with an older Carson Palmer, an offensive line that still seems to have a tough time protecting Palmer, and now a running game that may not be as successful.

The Cardinals now have to rely on Kerwynn Williams and Chris Johnson to run the ball and Andre Ellington to help in catching the ball out of the backfield. They need the offensive line to play better and give Palmer time to throw the ball. This season, to keep the Cardinals afloat and stay in contention, Palmer needs to be the QB he was a few years ago.

It is important Palmer not be wary of throwing the ball and get nervous, to hit his WR in stride and not try to just place it in there. He needs to go deep more often, having John Brown and J.J. Nelson go after the ball and run under it.

That's what made the 2015 Cardinals team exciting and successful. Also no one saw that coming. No one could say that the Cardinals where going to be that great. The 2015 Cardinals was a team under the radar, this 2017 Cardinals team is now under the radar and not many believe in them.

If Carson Palmer can put this team on his shoulders and carry the load there is no reason why the Cardinals can't be a playoff team. This team has nothing to lose. If they fall flat on their face everyone will say they lost David Johnson and this was supposed to happen. If they can shoulder the David Johnson injury and stay in playoff contention there is no reason to think this team can't make one last run. This season rests on Palmer shoulders.