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RotB Q&A: How will the Cardinals look at running back moving forward?

We answer your questions on the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to week two of the Arizona Cardinals mailbag with Revenge of the Birds. We had more questions this week, I appreciate all of you who submitted... and Watchnut.

Benjie, Tucson: A year ago Arizona was predicted to meet NE in the Superbowl, what do the Cardinals need to do to return to the top of the NFL?

They have to get younger at key positions and hit on their offensive line picks and pick ups for more than one season. I don’t know if they are still a Super Bowl team, signs point to no, but they have built a team to get their. If they have one big draft that answers two or three questions; offensive line, wide receiver, quarterback, then it could be a quick turnaround. Defensively, they just need to see what they have in Robert Nkemdiche to know if he can play and whether they need to find more help along the defensive line.

Ethan, Mesa: Can Palmer bounce back from that horrid game? Is there a chance that Boone could play, will Budda Baker see more of the field I love when he is on the field. Lastly will we see Chad Williams ever on the field this season?

How would Lamar Jackson fit with the Arizona Cardinals offense? and is there a possibility we could draft him?

A lot of good questions. Palmer should bounce back, unless he is just completely smoked, which I have a hard time believing. The thing is and was, he was never ever going to be 2015 Palmer again, people just didn’t want to buy it. He should be fine and recover for another solid year. Boone likely will get some playing time in the next game or two once he is up to speed. Baker hopefully will see increasing field time, he only had two defensive snaps in game one, which is... Well, not a lot. On Williams... Yes? I think we will see him eventually, he has to earn Arians trust... Or things have gone horribly wrong and they have to get him on the field. I prefer to believe the former will happen.

Jackson would likely not pique the interest of Bruce Arians too much, but maybe I am wrong. However, he is an extremely talented player who has a good enough arm to push the ball deep and the ability to move around and extend plays in the pocket. That is what Arians loves in a quarterback. He just is a little slight, we know Arians likes quarterbacks bigger.

Mark, Surprise: As bad as the O-line was in generating any push in the running game....what are the odds that Elijah Penny actually gets some meaningful carries?

I answered this one the other day in my guess at the running back carries distribution, but I think with Penny we will see him assume the Stepfan Taylor role from 2013. Meaning 2-3 carries a game, unless there is a couple injuries or he’s running extremely hot. He just may not be ready for the workload... yet.

Reed, Pittsburgh: The obvious question mark with the Cards is the rb situation with DJ going down. The Cards signed Foster and Johnson in response, but my question is why? I love what Williams brings as a tough, shifty back for a small guy, and Ellington was starting not too long ago and was considered the rb of the future. Why don't the Cards trust these guys to get the job done?

The thing is, they, Williams and Ellington, will get the first crack at it, but you want players in house ready to be the “next man up” in case they fail, or in Ellington’s case, get hurt. Chris Johnson gives them insurance if Williams is unable to carry the offensive load at running back. He’s not the player he once was, but he gives the Cardinals that 3.2 that Rashard Mendenhall did back in 2013. Foster is the potential Ellington replacement if he gets banged up. Williams and Ellington will get a crack at it, let’s see if they hold onto the job.

I don’t think this was a question, but Dave in Chandler wanted to get something off his chest...

I was born and raised in the St. Louis MO area; and have been watching the Cardinals since 1960. Old man Bidwill never put any money into the team and they usually stuck up the place. Since they moved here the adopted son has spent some money on the team, with a bit of an improvement. Why in the world can't we get a high profile coach that actually knows what he is doing....the current coach has hired 20+ coaches, and they still stink for the most part. A BIT of success isn't worth the 57 Years I have followed them. The current coach is a stubborn old school idiot that thinks he knows everything, but really doesn't. Example....Have needed a quarterback for some time, and we have a quasi-professional making Super BIG Money to lead us to nothing! At least the team under young Bidwill has spent some money, without much success. They need a coaching staff that knows what it is doing and shows it on the field, not just behind a mike.

Watchnut, the moon: Is it true, that if you don't use it, you lose it?

I’ve been away from my wife for a couple of weeks, so... I hope not.