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Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts: What to watch

What are the keys to a Cardinals win?

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Welcome to week two of the NFL season, and more importantly... Judgement day.

The Cardinals looked... okay through three quarters in Detroit before the bottom fell out, leading to mass panic and hysteria.

Of course I exaggerate about the panic and hysteria... I think.

What are the keys to the Cardinals finding the win column?

Let’s take a look.

Protect Palmer

Seems simple enough, and they did only give up one sack, but Palmer was hit early and then was seeing ghosts late. Let Palmer get into a rhythm and get going, once that happens, we know he is a different quarterback.

Still Use the Run

Kerywnn Williams, Andre Ellington, Elijhaa Penny or Chris Johnson, it doesn’t matter. The Cardinals need to force the issue with the run to show they are not afraid to use it still.

Can anyone not named Fitz step up?

While the J.J. Nelson stat is fantastic, eight touchdowns in the past 10 games, the actual numbers tell a different story:

Car (10/30/16) - 8 catches 79 yards 2 touchdowns
SF (11/13/16) - 2 catches 29 yards
Min (11/20/16) - 1 catch 0 yards
Atl (11/27/16) - 2 catches 30 yards
Was (12/4/16) 1 catch 42 yards 1 touchdown
Mia (12/11/16) 1 catch 8 yards 1 touchdown 1 carry 56 yards 1 touchdown
NO (12/18/16) 5 catches 38 yards 1 touchdown
Sea (12/24/16) 3 catches 132 yards 1 touchdown
LAR (1/1/17) 4 catches 75 yards
Det (9/10/17) 5 catches 43 yards 1 touchdown

What I am saying is that there are five games in there where you see production that the Cardinals need from a secondary target, especially now without David Johnson. Whether it is Nelson or someone else, they need a secondary weapon to emerge, and those last four games by Nelson need to be the norm by that player.

Unleash the Diche

Rumble, young man, rumble

Maintain for Four Quarters

The Cardinals defense played really well for 45 minutes. They need that same effort but over 60 minutes this time. Most of that was out of their own hands. Short handed on defense, putrid offensive output, but if this team is going to be playing in 2018 for anything meaningful, the takeover of the defense needs to start now.

What are your keys to the game?

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