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2017 Week 2 NFL TV Maps

What games will be watching this weekend?

While most of us will find a way to watch the Arizona Cardinals game today even if we are out of state, don’t tell my wife about the weekly bar tab please, some are financially savvy and will just stay home and enjoy whatever NFL games are on.

Then, if you are in the Arizona market, you’ll get the second game of the day so let’s see what you have to look forward to.

506sports is key to figure out what you’ll get to enjoy every week.

CBS has a single game today, so you either get the early game, which is going to likely be New England at New Orleans, or you get a late game with one of the California teams.

I have fantasy stock in both the early and late games.

The Fox early game schedule is really just about two games with regional coverage on the Cards vs Colts and Bears vs Bucs.

Missing the Cardinals game, well here is what you may be getting.

The Fox late game is Dallas and the Northwest... That’s it.

What games will you be watching today?