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Arizona Cardinals @ Indianapolis Colts - The Good, the bad, the ugly

It's a win even if it wasn't pretty for the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Cardinals sit at 1-1 after narrowly escaping a loss at the hands of the hapless Colts.

It wasn't pretty but it's a W.

The good:

JJ Nelson had a huge game. His 45 yard TD grab was a fantastic catch in traffic. On the day he had 120 yards on just five catches. With John Brown likely to miss a lot of games this season, Nelson needs to continue have days like this.

Carson Palmer only threw one INT this week, an improvement from three last week! He's lucky some really bad passes were dropped otherwise he'd of had another multi INT game. (This is my sardonic side kicking in).

Chandler Jones had a nice day. He's still isn't great in the run game but he showed up in the fourth and made bigs plays when the team needs them. Overall the pass rush got better as the game went on and showed potential. Just need to it against a team with a good line. Like the Cowboys

Frank Gore had some good runs, including his TR dash, but overall the Cards run defense was stout and Dansby and Reddick combined for 17 total tackles. Fire and ice. Wisdom and vigor. I suck at nicknames.

The bad:

A missed field goal sent us to OT. Dawson got redemption but I had flashbacks of last year. Don't need more stress in my life Dawson.

The run game was bad with just 88 yards on 25 carries. It wasn't all the RBs or even the online (who weren't great), but the play calls were so strange. Why are we running Ellington up the middle?

Did Bob play? No seriously, did he?? Where is our first round draft pick?

Carson Palmer continues to make risky throws. It's gonna be the death of this team's playoff hopes. Everyone tells me I look good for my age. At this rate this season is gonna swap that to people being surprised I'm so young, despite my looks.

The ugly:

The offense line. Just wtf. Money can't buy you love or pass protection apparently. They got better on the day, but still allowed 4 sacks, a dozen or so hits and way too many pressures. While Palmer may end us, the line will end him. Kickstarter campaign to help Keim recruit/draft offensive line talent. Obviously throwing money at the problem will work… bleh

Monday night football against the Cowboys. I'm not optimistic.