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What they get wrong about the Arizona Cardinals

What does the media get wrong about the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The NFL is a living entity that is changing all the time.

It is one reason that so many writers, especially nationally miss so much about each individual team.

What does the national media miss the most often about the Arizona Cardinals?

The biggest misconception on the Cardinals right now is that they are done.

Without David Johnson, with a substandard showing the first two games, the media by and large has written off the Cardinals.

There are a few of big factors working in their favor though.

  1. The NFC West looks bad: This may not be a full fledged return to the NFC Worst days, but Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco do not inspire confidence that they’ll be running away with the division. This plays to the Cardinals benefit. If they can stay afloat until November, when David Johnson may be back, they not only have a chance at winning the division, but they have a shot at being a team to reckon with in the playoffs.
  2. The defense looks like it can continue to keep the Cardinals in games if the offense does not make mistakes.
  3. David Johnson may be back in November, when the Cardinals get to the meat of their schedule.

The Cardinals should be able to keep pace with what looks to be a bad NFC West and who knows what happens when David Johnson gets back.

It is not time to write the Carson Palmer Cardinals eulogy just yet. Even if the media has already started.