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John Wetzel makes big jump in first start of 2017 for Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals got what they needed out of their fill-in starter. Could he deserve more run?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals needed a bump along the offensive line and in game two, their first win of the season, we saw John Wetzel step up.

We heard Bruce Arians in his meeting with the media telling us “John Wetzel had a good game,” but it was even more than that.

Wetzel, according to Pro Football Focus, was one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL in week two.

This begs the question: If Wetzel continues to play well, do you make a change at right tackle when D.J. Humphries comes back?

Obviously not for Humphries, although if he plays this well again you can definitely make me sit down and listen, but for Jared Veldheer at right tackle.

If Wetzel is playing as the best offensive lineman on the roster... He needs to be in the starting lineup.

That is not a shot at Veldheer or Humphries, but it more is just going with the idea that the best players should play.

Wetzel’s game two was great, it was what the Cardinals needed and it should make everyone else nervous on the line... Competition breeds excellence. Let’s hope that continues into week three.