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Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals Monday Night Football Game Thread

Talk about the Arizona Cardinals game with your friends at Revenge of the Birds.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals look to make a statement on Monday Night Football tonight as they take on the Dallas Cowboys.

First off...

There is plenty to talk about and to watch.

Will the Cardinals find their way offensively?

Can they stop Ezekiel Elliot?

Can the defense play four quarters?

We got the Dallas perspective with Blogging the Boys.

We have a game preview heading into tonight.

Check out what to watch for.

We only had two questions for Q&A this week, so I figured here would be as good of a place as any:

Rich Jones, Mesa, AZ: With the offensive line struggling these last 2 games, I don’t know why on earth we havent moved Veldeheer back to his original position at left tackle with Humphries being injured. And with Wetzel being a plug an play offensive lineman put him at right tackle. Also, Arians should be running Chris Johnson much more if he expects any rushing yards from here on out. Is Arians more concerned with using a aging Carson Palmer’s arm for the rest of the season?

The idea was to not mess with Veldheer’s development at right tackle for an injury that should have Humprhies back next week, maybe by game five. The more intriguing question is, should Wetzel supplant Veldheer at right tackle when Humprhies comes back if he performs well again this week and Veldheer struggles again? As for the rushing offense. I think BA will continue to treat this like 2013 and play the hot hand... so to speak. Whoever is running hottest, that’s who will get the bulk of the carries. Last week it was CJ, who knows who it is tonight.

Gungus, Parts Unkown, Where crotchety old people live: If you could take one player from the Cowboys to play for the Cards, who would it be?

Oooooo... I like this one. It would probably be Travis Frederick or Zack Martin. Frederick is the starting center and has been one of, if not the best since he was drafted. Meanwhile, Martin is the right guard for Dallas and may be the consensus top guard in the league. I’d consider Tyron Smith and Dak Prescott for sure, but I think if they fixed the leaks on the offensive line, that’d help a lot of different areas. Also, one sneaky pick would be Sean Lee. The Cardinals have good linebacker, Lee is on a special level when he is on the field. That’s the only reason he is not higher up the list, because he struggles to stay healthy. Good question.

Enjoy the game!