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Arizona Cardinals week three plays of the game

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another game another loss. At this point in my fandom, I don’t know why I expect anything from this franchise anymore. It’s a perennial story of “injuries”, “youth”, or just “I messed up”. The front office and coaching staff did nothing to address one of the teams 2015 weaknesses. Jared Veldheer is much more than a failure in progress, he’s quite simply a failure at the right tackle position. Evan Boehm is horrendous in year two. Shipley makes mental errors left and right, and the left side... Don’t even get me started.

Oh and Phil Dawson. I was criticized for preferring youth in Chandler Catanzaro over the aged Phil Dawson. And what has happened? Three missed field goals in three games. Two of those misses have swung momentum in our opponents favor, and we have lost two of those three games.

But this is not a recap of poor play. This is time for me to find any play that delivers some semblance of a good play from a very putrid performance from the team in front of their home crowd.

Palmer to Jaron Brown touchdown:

The Cardinals opened the game up hot. They drove their opening possession 82 yards down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Palmer actually had protection, and it showed when he threw a perfect pass to a covered Brown in the end zone. This joyous moment was one of the few of course.

Fitzgerald being Fitzgerald:

Larry Fitzgerald tried to take the game into his own hands but ultimately came up short. Palmer had just thrown a perfect pass to Orlando Scandrick in coverage. It seemed poised to be a sure interception to end the game. But Fitzgerald did what he does best. He made a hustle play and took the ball from Scandrick to ensure a 3rd and 20 completion and first down.

Andy Lee 51 yard punt

Yeah, I'm reaching. Lee’s 51-yard was one of the more impressive punts in his three games for the Cardinals. Hang time was solid and it pinned the Cowboys deep. It was one of the few punts that Lee was not punting from his own endzone and one of the few times that his blockers actually made sure no one got close to blocking it.

Chad Williams 3rd down catch

It was a rather small play in the grand scheme, but it showed the future of the wide receiver position. Williams caught a slant on 3rd down and picked up the first. A shoestring tackle brought him down, but you could see the frustration on his face when he got back to the sideline. The kid looks like he wants to get better, and I'm excited to see more and more of him.

Fitzgerald End Zone Grab

It has been a staple of Palmer and Fitzgerald's career together. A fade to the corner of the end zone resulting in a touchdown. It tied up the game at 14 apiece, but ultimately would be the Cardinals last touchdown of the night.

What about you? Is there a play that I left off? At this rate, it will be easier to do a “Bonehead Play of the Game” for the Cardinals with their lackluster performances. Be sure to vote in the poll and comment below.


Arizona Cardinals Play of the Game

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