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Patrick Peterson dominates on the field and in the community for the Arizona Cardinals

He's the best cornerback in the NFL, but he's also one if the most generous players in the league.

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk about the NFL and its players.

One thing that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough about NFL players, and more specifically Arizona Cardinals players is what they provide for their communities.

We all know of the generosity of Larry Fitzgerald, he was the Co-Walter Payton Man of the Year last year because of his work within the community in Arizona.

Well, there are several other Arizona Cardinals that put forth amazing efforts within the community.

Drew Stanton’s High 5ive Foundation is a huge network in Michigan and the valley.

Bruce Arians has the Arians Family Foundation.

Then there is Patrick Peterson.

Peterson is a star on the field, and may be the closest in terms of off the field work within the community for the Cardinals to what Larry Fitzgerald does.

Some of the highlights of what Peterson does around the Arizona community and beyond provided by the Arizona Cardinals:

  • Peterson created the “Foundation for Success” which aims to provide low-income and inner city youth with opportunities and resources to reach their full potential. The foundation hopes to implement an excellent balance for community development.
  • Peterson along with his wife, Antonique, visited Haiti as guests of Mission of Hope.
  • In January of 2015, Peterson unveiled the first “Patrick’s Corner” of his foundation for students and families at Nevitt Elementary School in Phoenix. “Patrick’s Corner” provides access to books and a safe environment to read with friends and family for at-risk students. His foundation is planning to place and maintain 10 “Patrick’s Corners” libraries in Title I schools and inner city community centers throughout Arizona to provide at-risk students with access to books and a safe environment to read with friends and families.

Peterson has also launched the “Pick Up a Book” initiative within the Phoenix community which is designed to bring families, schools and communities together to support children’s literacy development. The program will work to:

  • Help families foster the skills, attitudes and behaviors that support children’s literacy development
  • Help schools engage families through fun, literacy-based events
  • Better prepare children for reading and learning
  • Support schools with their family engagement goals

The Cardinals have long been champions within the Arizona community, and their continued work should be something we trumpet much more.

Thank you Arizona Cardinals for all you do.