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Arizona Cardinals 2017 Practice Squad tracker

Get the information on the Cardinals practice squad as it comes in.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have made their initial roster cuts and it was a bit of surprise for some of the players.

However, all is not said and done for the Arizona Cardinals and Steve Keim.

It starts with the 53-man roster, but now comes the practice squad for the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have used the practice squad quite effectively over the last couple of seasons to find talent, stash it and grow it and then allow it to play.

The Cardinals will be looking to do similar again and we will be tracking that information as it comes in.

First, if you need a crash course in practice squad construction, check it out here.

The Cardinals cuts from yesterday, these are the first names to know that will likely end up being practice squad candidates.

Here is a look at the Cardinals depth chart after their initial cuts.

No Arizona Cardinals players who were waived or release were claimed by any teams, meaning all are eligible to be picked up by the Cardinals and remain on the practice squad (limit ten players).

Signed to other teams:

Sojourn Shelton, CB (Bengals Practice Squad)

We’ll have the Twitter tracker in here as well, in case something breaks: