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Arizona Cardinals Release 2017 Practice Squad

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The Arizona Cardinals have announced they’ve brought back 8 of their preseason players to join the practice squad.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals, a day after setting their initial 53 man roster, have announced they have re-signed 8 players who were cut to their 10-man practice squad. The other two spots, as of now, remain empty.

Per a press release from the team, the Cardinals brought back the following players:

Wide receiver Carlton Agudosi

Guard Dorian Johnson

Cornerback Ryan Lewis

Safety/cornerback Harlan Miller

Tight end Ricky Seals-Jones

Running back James Summers

Defensive tackle Pasoni Tasini

Linebacker Scooby Wright III

Updated (9/4/2017)

Linebacker Obum Gwachum

Linebacker Bryson Albright

Again, the team still has two spots open, but these are likely the eight they will bring back that were already on their current roster prior to being released yesterday. A couple of notable names that aren’t on the list are Cole Toner, who may be seeking to find a spot on another team, and Cap Capi who played very well during the preseason at outside linebacker.

Keep it here on Revenge of the Birds as we wait to hear the final two names that the team will add to the practice squad. It may not seem important now, but we have seen too many times the team needing to call these guys up into active duty due to injuries.