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Arizona Cardinals cuts do not interest rest of NFL

None of the cuts from the Arizona Cardinals roster were claimed by another NFL team.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There is always a disconnect between fans and the NFL. It is never more apparent then on cut down weekend when there is much distress throughout the fan base.

There is always the idea that your team, the Arizona Cardinals in this instance, let go of some top talent and they will be scooped up by the NFL as soon as they hit the waiver wire.

This happens every year...

Kerwynn Williams...
Matt Barkley...
Elijhaa Penny last year...
Shaquille Riddick...

Every year it is “I can’t believe these players got released,” and yet few if any get claimed. And exactly zero have been good in the NFL.

We get caught up, myself included, in initial investment and hope of progression. However, if they didn’t show enough early, why would they develop later?

If a younger player, Ulrick John, showed more than Cole Toner, why keep Toner just because that was a draft pick?

The Cardinals understand the NFL landscape, they understand what players are desired by other NFL teams.

Will they make mistakes, absolutely, every team does and will. However, they usually do an excellent job of minimizing those mistakes and keeping talent close to home, knowing what the rest of the league thinks of them.