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Friday Night Open Thread: Who are your draft guys?

Talk about... Anything with Revenge of the Birds.

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Happy Friday everyone.

As we creep ever closer to the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions kickoff I had a couple of questions about the college football season.

We'll have our weekly open thread tomorrow for the games, but when it comes to the 2018 NFL Draft class, who are the main guys you follow for information?

Take Justin and myself out, since we force feed your views on you every week if not more, see below, but are you a big name draft guru traditionalist, do you like smaller scale guys with big followings or do you have one or two hidden gems you like to follow that do a good job every year?

This week, Justin and I talked about the first weekend of the quarterbacks and how two came out slow, one put up three forgettable quarters before setting the college football world on fire and the reigning Heisman winner just kept going about his business.

We took a look at the upcoming games this weekend and got you ready for all that you need to know to have an enjoyable weekend of college football action.

Listen in and enjoy.