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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ - Win Loss to the Seattle Seahawks

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Was this the final game in Cardinal Red for Palmer, Fitz and BA?

NFL: New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Before the game began, there was already drama with talk that this would be Bruce Arians’ final game as the Cardinals head coach:

Regardless of whether this was his last game or not, this game already had personal meaning for BA, given that it would be his 50th win if Arizona managed to pull one out in Seattle:

The Cardinals started with a dominant drive capped off with a great pass by Drew Stanton:

Of course, Seattle quickly came back after a long kickoff return by Tyler Lockett:

Which, of course, led to some special teams comments from fans about ST coach Amos Jones...

Cards entered the half with the momentum, as well as some clutch catches to Larry Fitzgerald (who finished 2nd in receptions in the NFL as the oldest wide receiver in the game).

Oh, and an incredible defensively strong half.

Chandler Jones ended up collecting his franchise record 16th and 17th sacks on the season.

But you can never rule out Russell Wilson...the Seahawks stormed back with a pair of touchdowns to take the lead in the 4th quarter.

But in the end it came down to the opposite of the Cardinals’ 2016 Seahawks finale where they won it with a field goal. This time, Blair Walsh and the Seahawks were the ones who lined up for the game-winning kick....

...Just wide right.

The Cardinals won and Bruce Arians officially became the winningest head coach in Cardinals history with 50 wins over 5 seasons...averaging almost 10 wins a year.

Absurd for this once despondent franchise that battled to 10-6 as their best year ever under Whisenhunt.

Will he walk away? Will he retire? We’ll have to wait and see but with a press conference tomorrow, it certainly won’t take long.

One thing to note. After the game Larry Fitzgerald revealed a startling fact about Drew Stanton, who went 2-0 after replacing Blaine Gabbert as the starter for the Cards:

There’s your “HOLY COW” moment right tough is Drew Stanton?

He’ll be loved in Arizona regardless as a guy who did his job and did what the team needed him to do to put them in positions to win.

And, one more time at least, we got to see this GIF flood Twitter again:

That will about wrap it up for 2017, folks.

Of course, Arians wasn’t going to walk away from the season without a final parting shot to Seattle...