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If this is the end, Bruce Arians did it his way

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If the Arizona Cardinals coach decides to call it a career, he was innovative, entertaining and always worth a quote.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals had a great end to the season.

They recorded their first shutout in 25 years, ironically against the New York Giants who their last shutout was against.

They had the best five year run in team history.

They made a run to the NFC Championship Game and in 2014, I maintain they were a Carson Palmer injury away from being in the Super Bowl.

It has been a fun ride with Bruce Arians as the man in charge.

If yesterday’s 26-24 win over the Seattle Seahawks is the end to that time with Bruce Arians in charge, it was a hell of a run.

It will be remembered for failing, even in Bruce Arians own words, never winning a Super Bowl is a failure, and that is what makes me wonder if he may find a desire to give it one more go.

However, if it is the end, I can’t find much to lament.

The best part was Arians did it his way, for better or worse and that makes him one of a kind.

I’ll remember the quotes:

Arians was a character as much as he was a coach.

He loved to talk:

We’ll be here for whatever breaks today or the coming days with Bruce Arians decision.