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Did the Arizona Cardinals already interview their new offensive coordinator?

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The Cardinals are interviewing Steve Wilks, and may have already interviewed his offensive coordinator.

Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Camp Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Cardinals are meeting with Steve Wilks today for their vacant head coaching position and the news should excite fans.

There was a detail missing from quite a few looks at these head coaching candidates and one that could make Wilks the man for the Cardinals job more than maybe anyone else.

Wilks is being reported as targeting John DeFilippo as his offensive coordinator.

This didn’t make sense, but Blake Murphy did some digging and was able to find that DeFilippo is technically a coaching free agent.

His contract was a two year deal to be the quarterback coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, meaning he is a free agent.

When this process started, the conversation was were you willing to take a chance on DeFilippo as your head coach, but what if this was the plan for all along.

What if Wilks had let it be known immediately that his OC would be DeFilippo.

Remember, two weeks ago on the Sunday morning of the Cardinals and Seahawks game I posted what was sent to me… Arians was retiring and Wilks was a target.

It was always interesting to me that Wilks was the very first name given to me, on Saturday night before the Cardinals final game.

This means from the jump he was one of the favorites.

By the way, I want to remind you that the initial information I received was that Wilks could be tabbing Mike McCoy as his OC.

I always trust what people tell me, but they absolutely get things wrong, which is why I try not to report things, but present them to you, the readers, as I receive them without inferring this is what is happening.

If Wilks + DeFilippo is the pairing, sometimes being wrong is a good thing.