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Arizona Cardinals will have a great chance to get a look at quarterbacks at Senior Bowl

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The Cardinals need a quarterback and will get to look at some good ones at the Senior Bowl.

Oklahoma State v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Without making a huge deal, the Arizona Cardinals need to invest heavily in the quarterback position in the 2018 off-season.

They have no quarterback on the roster and the team looks… incomplete more than anything at this point.

Well, the 2018 Senior Bowl offers a great opportunity to look at the quarterback position for the 2018 NFL Draft.

In fact, for the first time in years, the talent at the Senior Bowl will offer quarterback talent that will be available on day one, day two and day three of the draft, meaning the Cardinals will have the shot to make a decision on one of these players come April, after getting a very intimate look at them.

The list offers a little of everything:

High end production for a number of years in Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph and Luke Falk.

Intriguing skills in Josh Allen and Kurt Benkert, and smaller school unknowns who can prove themselves in Mike White, Kyle Lauletta and Brandon Silvers.

It’s not a normal season to get eight draftable players in the Senior Bowl, but that’s what is happening this year.

Maybe the talent ends up not being as high end as last year, but it may be deeper, and with the Cardinals drafting 15, that will help.