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Arizona Cardinals offseason preview: The running backs should be set

A look at the Arizona Cardinals running backs heading into the 2018 offseason.

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the 2017 season over and the 2018 off-season just around the corner, and in reality already starting for the Arizona Cardinals, it is time to begin to look at the roster.

The first group we’ll take a look at is the quarterback room…

The first positional group we’ll look at is the running backs.

David Johnson ($889,334) - Clearly the top back when healthy and the Cardinals need him healthy. His presence changes the juxtaposition of the team offensively.

Adrian Peterson ($2,881,250) - This sounds crazy, but I think the Cardinals need to keep him. He’s relatively cheap when you tie his money into David Johnson’s and it gives the Cardinals a one-two punch for any new coach without having to worry about how much you upgrade the wide receivers. Obviously the offensive coordinator needs to understand how to use both, but if you get 40 touches out of your running backs a game, you lessen the burden of needing wide receivers not named Larry Fitzgerald.

If they decide to move on, it would cost no dead money.

Bronson Hill ($630,000) - Hill had one carry for -2 yards. He’s a camp body if they want him there, but he’s going to have to prove something.

No dead money.

T.J. Logan ($605,484) - Logan’s injury started the Cardinals into a sprial they took months to get out of. It’s like there was no plan B in place for Logan as the return man, and it showed.

They need him back and healthy.

A cut would cost them $151,453 in cap space.

Darius Victor ($480,000) - Legitimately have no idea who this is… (Google’s name). Victor was a futures contract signing and will get to work with the team throughout the summer.

What about Elijhaa Penny and Kerwynn Williams. Both deserve to be back, if I am the Cardinals I bring back Penny, who is an exclusive-rights free agent and the Cardinals can bring back for the minimum.

I allow Williams to pursue a contract as the lead backup somewhere else, as he’s been a solid player, but will not be the security blanket he was for Bruce Arians offense.

The Cardinals have $6,104,828 at the running back position. I expect with the re-signing of Penny at the three-year vet minimum $705,000, but the release of Victor and Hill, the Cardinals can comfortably sit with just about $5.7 million invested into the running back position with a room of:

David Johnson
Adrian Peterson
T.J. Logan
Elijhaa Penny

Also… maybe D.J. Foster in a pinch.