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Arizona Cardinals offseason preview: Wide receiver is a top priority for the Cardinals

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The Cardinals haven't done a good job of getting ready for the post Larry Fitzgerald era.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If there’s one position that seems to be alluding the Arizona Cardinals it is wide receiver.

Maybe it’s a Bruce Arians thing, he has done so well with the likes of Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown and T.Y. Hilton that he thought that would work in Arizona.

He inherited a strong group with Larry Fitzgerald in his never ending prime and Michael Floyd in year two. They drafted John Brown in 2014 to add a new element to the Cardinals wide receivers and he looked like the next in line of Arians receivers.

Then they drafted J.J. Nelson and it looked like in 2015 they were set.

Yet, it all came crumbling down in 2016, except for Fitz, and now they have Fitz and young players.

Larry Fitzgerald ($16,850,000) - I mean…

Chad Williams ($758,072) - The third round pick from 2017 has to take some step in 2018 for there to be any type of return on investment. He’s not going anywhere, unless this was a Bruce Arians pick and they’re purging non-Keim guys but that seems unlikely.

J.J. Nelson ($757,450) - This is a player I could see getting cut, but they have to bring some players in. Nelson has been consistent, he’s clearly a number three at best, but if he’s your three or four, you should be in a good spot. They only save $52,450 of they cut him. So, he’s likely here.

D.J. Foster ($630,000) - His versatility and low cost should make him an attractive last man on the roster type. However, new coach, new scheme means he’ll have to prove himself again. No dead cap.

Rashad Ross ($630,000) - Another player that has been around but never really been on the team. He’ll have to prove himself to a new coach. No dead cap.

Carlton Agudosi ($480,000) - Another guy from the Arians tenure, it’ll be interesting to see how he does under a new regime. No dead cap.

John Brown and Brittan Golden were Arians guys. Are they coming back?

The Cardinals have one investment in the wide receiver position, Fitz has a $4,850,000 dead cap hit if he retires, if he’s cut I’m pretty sure the new coach would be fired on the spot, you have to imagine the crop of free agent wide receivers will interest Arizona, which we will get to as that time comes.

However, I’d think it’s safe to say there’s only one player who is “sure thing” for 2018 and… there’s Larry Fitzgerald if he decides not to retire.

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Chad Williams

J.J. Nelson

D.J. Foster


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