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Saturday NFL Playoff News and notes from around SB Nation

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All the news to get you ready for today’s playoff games.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Happy Saturday morning one and all.

Two news links today, one for the Arizona Cardinals, from earlier, and one that will help you get ready for the two playoff games today.

Here’s all the news you need for Saturday’s playoff matchups.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles

Are the Falcons hitting their stride at the right time? - The Falcoholic
Several writers think so and oh god this is how it starts.

Matt Ryan’s experience in multiple schemes has turned him into a versatile weapon - The Falcoholic
Ryan has gone from game manager, to pocket passer, to mobile play-action scrambler. At 32, he has mastered it all.

What will the Eagles get out of Nick Foles against the Falcons? - The Falcoholic
The current Eagles starter is not an inspiring option.

What will the Eagles get out of Nick Foles against the Falcons? - The Falcoholic
The current Eagles starter is not an inspiring option.

Atlanta needs to improve their starting field position Saturday against the Eagles - The Falcoholic
The Falcons have had putrid field position and have occasionally overcome it, but the sledding is getting tougher.

Falcons offense vs Eagles defense: it starts in the trenches - The Falcoholic
Alex Mack and company draw another tough match-up

The Falcons aren’t going to let themselves get run over by Jay Ajayi again - The Falcoholic
Atlanta learned from that awful loss to the Dolphins.

Falcons vs. Eagles: Fascinating Four for the Divisional Round - The Falcoholic
Can the Falcons continue to battle their way back to the promised land?

Eagles vs. Falcons Game Preview: Six questions and answers with the enemy - Bleeding Green Nation
Previewing the Eagles’ Divisional Round matchup.

A look at how previous home underdogs have fared in the 2nd round - Bleeding Green Nation
Can history repeat?

Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots

Do the Patriots actually struggle against mobile quarterbacks? - Pats Pulpit
Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is one of the more mobile quarterbacks in the NFL and this is a storyline you’ll be sure to hear leading up to their divisional round game against the N...

How often #1 and #2 seeds lose in their first playoff game - Pats Pulpit
How many teams with a first round bye go one-and-done in the postseason?

Film review: How Titans' Derrick Henry dominated Chiefs and what this means for Patriots - Pats Pulpit
New England needs to slow down the talented second-year back.

Patriots receivers are failing to get separation, making life incredibly difficult for Tom Brady - Pats Pulpit
New England really misses Julian Edelman, Malcolm Mitchell, and...Martellus Bennett?

The Titans can win in New England - Music City Miracles
Don’t stop believing! says Derrick Henry is under pressure vs. the Patriots - Music City Miracles
He doesn’t look worried.

Titans-Patriots: Plus Matchups for Tennessee - Music City Miracles
What matchups can the Titans exploit to gain an advantage against the New England Patriots?

NFL Playoffs: Five things the Titans must do to upset the Patriots - Music City Miracles
It’s not likely, but it’s not impossible.

A healthy, mobile Marcus Mariota makes all the difference in the Titans offense - Music City Miracles
The stats paint a pretty clear picture. Marcus Mariota’s legs are the key to the Titans attack.