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Which Arizona Cardinals Coaching Candidate had the best weekend?

The Cardinals coaching candidates were active this weekend, who did the best?

Atlanta Falcons Photo by NFL via Getty Images

The Cardinals are waiting on their head coaching hire and some of the candidates will now be available, we talked about that earlier, but which candidates had the most success this weekend?

  1. Pat Shurmur - Vikings offense was methodical, they kept the game in the Vikings defense hands and made the big plays when they needed. The symbiotic relationship between Shurmur and Case Keenum is so obvious and Keenum does and awesome job within the offense. The Vikings put up 403 yards of offense, ran 71 plays, good for 5.7 yards per play, gave up only two sacks and controlled the clock 33 to 27 minutes. What a job.
  2. Mike Munchak - The Steelers offensive line was on fire. They have three Pro Bowlers, one of them All Pro David DeCastro, but they did a great job. Pit had 545 yards of offense and despite only running the ball 18 times, ran for 83 yards, good for 4.6 yards per attempt. They gave up only two sacks and the Steelers offense was most definitely not to blame. Munchak’s hire would be fine if there was any inkling of who his coordinators were, but after the showing in Tennessee, he needs to do a better job.
  3. Brian Flores - Flores is apparently the redzone defense play caller on top of being the linebackers coach. The Patriots defensive front was impressive and their linebackers, a unit that has been turned over and injured, was lights out.
  4. Jim Schwartz - The Eagles defense is incredible and Schwartz has done an amazing job putting them in a position to get Nick Foles and the offense to the NFC Championship Game. If Schwartz had not FUBAR’d his only head coaching job, you wonder if he would be getting more run as a candidate. They held Matt Ryan under 200 net yards of passing, while helping get the Eagles off the field on 4-13 third downs.
  5. John DeFilippo - What a job in getting Nick Foles ready for the biggest start of his career, from the quarterback coach and redzone play caller. Foles was 23/30 for 246 yards. He had no touchdowns, but no interceptions and was only sacked one time. They scored one redzone touchdown and kicked one redzone field goal. It was an impressive weekend for the 39 year old.
  6. Keith Armstrong - The Falcons special teams coach did a nice job of setting up the Falcons for a win, if you look at Pro Football Reference’s Points Expected:

The Falcons special teams unit was the best unit for them in their playoff loss, this was the second week in a row:

Say what you want about Armstrong and his lack of experience outside of special teams, that unit is on fire for the Falcons.