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Arizona Cardinals can interview Mike Munchak, Keith Armstrong for second time now

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The Cardinals can interview two of their candidates again now.

Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers

Well, now things could get moving… or not.

For the Arizona Cardinals coaching search, that’s definitely a possibility.

After the weekend the Cardinals now have access to: Steve Wilks, Mike Munchak, Keith Armstrong and James Bettcher.

Of course, maybe those are not the guys they’re interested in and instead they’ll be waiting for one of: Pat Shurmur, John DeFilippo, Brian Flores, Jim Schwartz or Matt “Has an offer he’ll sign with the Lions” Patricia.

Those are the nine candidates we know of and while the top three has been reported to be Shurmur, Wilks and Munchak, it remains to be seen who exactly the Cardinals will be calling back for interviews.

They can do so with any of the first four, obviously Bettcher would be an odd choice at this time, but who knows. Yet, maybe it’s Wilks or Munchak as many have speculated.

Armstrong is a dark horse. There’s been nothing about him mentioned after his interview, but he had his special teams unit ready to play in both the win over the Rams and loss to the Eagles, more on that later today.

While the big names are all preparing for Championship Sunday, if the Cardinals are truly interested in one of these coaches, maybe something happens this week… or not.