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Arizona Cardinals on their own time table for a head coach

The Cardinals are taking their time, but not like they did with Arians.

Indianapolis Colts v Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most interesting aspects of this coaching search for the Arizona Cardinals has been how they have done it their own way.

When they hired Bruce Arians, he was a hot candidate, but the Chicago Bears botched it and hired Marc Trestman instead.

It was a colossal disaster and the Cardinals wound up being the runner-up for Arians, but won in the long run by making the hire.

What was interesting about the Cardinals coaching search then was they were heavy into the favorites.

Andy Reid was the guy last time, leveraging the Cardinals interest into a big deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

They were in on guys like Mike McCoy before he went to the Chargers and Chip Kelly before he was in Cleveland with the Browns, remember that, then ending up in Philly with the Eagles.

They had some too early looks at Jay Gruden, before moving onto Darrell Bevell, then finally bringing in Bruce Arians.

Arians was the last interview, but he was tapped pretty quickly for the job.

So, when everyone talks about the last hire, how the Cardinals took their time, they took their time to find Arians, but they interviewed him and hired him within 24 hours.

That’s why this coaching search has been so interesting.

The Cardinals have basically interviewed everyone that is a serious and non-serious candidate, and now they are wading through the decision.

Yet, this isn’t like last time.

Last time, on January 17, 2013 the Arizona Cardinals announced the hiring of Bruce Arians after interviewing him on January 16th.

Now, they are setting up second interviews with coaches that are already out of the playoffs, Mike Munchak, still in the playoffs, John DeFilippo and Brian Flores(?) and who really knows.

They have been tied to Pat Shurmur, hired, interested in Matt Patricia, hired, and now wait.

It was five years ago today that the Cardinals hired Bruce Arians after one night out at Steak 44.

Now, the Cardinals are trying to find the answer, but need to take a second look.

This isn’t like the Arians hire.

This is a brand new way of doing things for the Arizona Cardinals.

And that’s okay.