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Arizona Cardinals on island with Mike Munchak and Brian Flores

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The Cardinals are the only teams looking at the veteran Steelers coach and the young Patriots assistant.

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions

With the Arizona Cardinals coaching search in the middle of... No where at this point.

It is not an issue, but what is interesting is that two of their candidates are solely candidates for the Arizona Cardinals.

Mike Munchak and Brian Flores are alleged by valley radio host and Arizona Sports journalist Mike Jurecki to be one and two respectively.

This is not to say whether that is accurate or not, it is to talk about how it seems odd that the Cardinals are the only team with interest in either candidate.

We have talked about both:

Munchak - From Jeff Hartman:

Munchak has everything an owner would want in a head coach. He was a Hall of Fame player, has head coaching experience, is loyal to a franchise and has done a tremendous job turning the Steelers’ offensive line into one of the best units in all of football.

Flores - From Rich Hill of Pats Pulpit:

My next-top pick would be linebackers coach Brian Flores because of his extremely well-rounded history. He spent four seasons as a scout, three seasons with the special teams unit, one as an offensive assistant, and the past seven as the safeties and linebackers coach. He would really be able to understand how to construct a team and keep it competitive. The players love him...

Both are loved by their players, by writers and fans of their teams. Yet, they couldn’t be further apart on the coaching spectrum.

Flores is a young, energetic, 36 year old who coaches the linebackers and redzone defense for the New England Patriots, from Kent Hodder:

Opponents made 33 trips inside the New England 20-yard line from Weeks 5-17. They emerged with nine field goals, 12 touchdowns, and 12 drives that resulted in zero points.

Flores offers you a new perspective defensively and a potential... potentially long term answer.

Munchak offers you the experience, the respect and the sage voice.

Yet, only the Cardinals are in on either candidates.