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Mike Munchak declines second interview with Cardinals, will remain with Steelers

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The Cardinals are down another head coaching candidate.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals coaching search took another turn today.

As they were lining up their second interviews the logical four were Mike Munchak, Steve Wilks, John DeFilippo and Brian Flores.

Well, it’s now down to three as Adam Schefter is reporting that Mike Munchak, a couple local media members pick to be the next Arizona Cardinals head coach, is turning down his second interview:

This isn’t a huge blow to the Cardinals coaching search by any means, but it does leave you with questions.


Did Munchak believe he wasn’t a serious candidate?

Is he more comfortable in Pittsburgh as an offensive line coach?

Is he being promised a promotion to offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh and sees that as a better fit?

The worst case is simply… he didn’t like the Cardinals pitch and what they offered.

There are more questions than anything about this, but it’s not uncommon. Remember, Todd Haley turned down an interview to remain the Pittsburgh Steelers OC five years ago.

That leaves three exciting, young and inexperienced head coaching candidates in Wilks, Flores and DeFilippo. Who is your pick?