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Arizona Cardinals may pursue Kirk Cousins in free agency

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One report says the Cardinals will make a play for the Washington Redskins signal caller.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors, the innuendos and the speculation is starting.

That is, who will the Arizona Cardinals be looking at as their quarterback for 2018?

Well, according to Tony Pauline, the Cardinals are one of three teams that will pursue Kirk Cousins in free agency, from Pauline:

One of the big names expected to hit the free-agent market is quarterback Kirk Cousins. As expected as I was told tonight that the Washington Redskins have not given up on re-signing their starting signal caller.

If not the Redskins, look for the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and/or Arizona Cardinals to bid for the services of Cousins.

I was also told that the Arizona Cardinals are likely to make a big run at Cousins, as they will be locked out from any of the top signal callers with the 15th pick.

Cousins is going to cost a handsome salary, but it would completely address the quarterback position for the next 8-10 years for the Cardinals.

The question is, how seriously will they be in trying to pursue Cousins, and if so will they be willing to go up to the $30 million a year salary that’s being tossed around?

The other question is, will Cousins impact who they target as a head coach?

With Cousins, you may not need a John DeFilippo as much as you would with a young quarterback.

Maybe Cousins plus a defensive minded coach is the better route to pursue.

What do you think?