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Arizona Cardinals coaching search has more questions than answers

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Arizona Cardinals coaching search is leaving fans with more questions than answers.

2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game: Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys

The Arizona Cardinals coaching search has been one that has been difficult to follow, simply because we have no idea who is in the running.

Yes, we know the names of the coaches, but we don’t know who they are bringing with them, what their philosophies are and even how they would game plan, since some have little to no experience as coordinators.

It makes the process difficult to follow along, but it also makes it exciting if not slightly disorienting.

Jess and I sat back and discussed the whole situation. Now, this was recorded on Tuesday, of course slightly before the news on Mike Munchak backing out came out, so you can skip over that section if you so choose.

Or just listen to me complain about the potential Munchak hire.

(5:18) Pat Shurmur, the one who got away

(13:03) Mike Munchak, his candidacy and the questions with him (all discussed before the news he would not continue)

(25:14) John DeFilippo, his candidacy and the concerns and questions that come with him

(39:59) The reemergence of Brian Flores

(52:40) Steve Wilks, suddenly the quiet candidate