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Arizona Cardinals fans give their feelings on the 2017 season

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We asked fans their thoughts on the 2017 season and here is how you responded.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals season finished as average as it could possibly finish, at 8-8, but the fans seemed okay with that.

Not exactly okay, they were still disappointed, but okay with the idea of what the Cardinals and Bruce Arians were able to accomplish in 2017.

I asked the fans on Twitter, how would you describe the 2017 season for the Arizona Cardinals, here is a smattering of your responses.

First, a nice well wish from the guys over at Turf Show Times, the Los Angeles Rams blog.

Two great follows if you are thinking of dipping your toe into the Twitter waters, don’t. Injuries killed a lot of the chance for this team to be great.

Scott is a miserable Arizona sports fan, much like the rest of us.

It was one of those seasons.

It was upsetting to see so much talent lost and that clearly had an impact on the outcome of the season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Yet, the ride to 8-8, while bittersweet, was enjoyable, especially with the way the team came together for Bruce Arians in his final season.

It would have been easy and understandable to fold up with Blaine Gabbert as quarterback, but they stepped up.

Drew Stanton came back in and was a calming influence on the end of the season, allowed the defense to make plays and kept the offense on time. It also was a show of how Bruce Arians undying faith in his players and coaches helps them raise up, through injury, through ineffectiveness and through down times.

It was quite the ride.

What were your final thoughts on the 2017 season for the Arizona Cardinals.