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Arizona Cardinals have big dinner with one coaching candidate on Friday Night

The Arizona Cardinals had dinner with Steve Wilks on Friday night according to one report.

Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are taking their time with the hire, but it could be coming to a close.

Much like with the Bruce Arians hire five years ago, Steve Keim and Michael Bidwill wined and dined with one of their head coaching candidates on a Friday Night, is this a precursor to an announcement?

We know that dinner and drinks is the key Steve Keim’s heart, something that sealed the deal with Keim and Bruce Arians relationship in 2013.

This makes you wonder if the next step is the Arizona Cardinal making Wilks an offer, like they did with Arians after a night out to dinner.

With Wilks, the defense will change, but there is a possibility of bringing in a John DeFilippo to be the offensive coordinator, allegedly.

If not, it could be the Mike McCoy show with... Brock Osweiler. Is Brock the worst possible bridge quarterback?

Does Wilks bringing in the aggressive zone schemes that he has been under for years with Ron Rivera?

If so, how does that fit the Cardinals secondary?

One thing that feels certain is that the Cardinals front seven will be dynamic under a Wilks led regime.

Or, was this just a reason to charge a night out on the Black Card?