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Arizona Cardinals Coaching Search: Rebuttal to Bickley’s Article about Todd Haley

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Responding to Dan Bickley’s article on Todd Haley as the next Cardinals coach.

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Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

For starters, I think it is frustrating but cool that the Russian hackers haven’t leaked any MB&SK emails and thus we fans are as clueless as to what the Cardinals are thinking as the media is.

Here’s what we think we know: Keith Armstrong and Steve Wilks are back this week for 2nd interviews this week. Per reports, the Cardinals have interest in meeting with John DeFilippo and Brian Flores after this weekend’s games.

If we include James Bettcher (whom the Cardinals know and therefore don’t need to have back for a 2nd interview), the pool is down to 5 candidates. Curiously, only one if them is an offensive coach (JDF). Three are defensive coaches (Bettcher, Wilks and Flores) and one is a STs coach (Armstrong).

One would think that with the QBOF being of such high priority that MB&SK would be looking at more than one offensive coach.

Perhaps that will change if the Cardinals do what Dan Bickley is imploring them to do: meet with and “embrace” Todd Haley.

In the article, Kurt Warner heaps high praise on Haley and even goes to the extent of saying that if he could still play he would come back to play for Haley. That’s pretty much a wow endorsement.

Bickley refers to the Cardinals candidates as a “shallow pool”...and does his best to disqualify Armstrong, Wilks and Flores...while rather conveniently omitting mention John DeFilippo, the only QB guru and offensive minded candidate.

While I like Bickley’s argument that Haley will get after the players and hold them to higher levels of accountability, I think hiring Haley as the head coach at this time would be a mistake and a sign of poor judgment.

Going from BA, who is a paragon of volatility, to Haley, who is even more so a paragon of volatility is exactly what this team and this organization needs to get away from.

This team and organization needs a newfound sense of stability.

It needs a fresh 21st century approach and a brand new face.

While Bickley writes off Brian Flores as the Patriots’ “third” candidate behind Patricia and McDaniels, Brian Flores has the work ethic, the organizational and leadership skills and the integrity (innate honesty) to be a stabilizing force for years to come. He is going to lead by example and hard work---not by throwing temper tantrums or calling out the players to the media.

While Bickley never mentions John DeFilippo, Flip would quicken the pace, enthusiasm, attention to detail and energy levels in all the ways this team needs. Equally important, he is the right coach to pick and groom the QBOF. Flip is a modern day coach, not a throwback to Bill Parcells.

I think it was Ron Wolfley who said a few weeks ago that teams often like to pick a new head coach who is opposite of the departing one. There is real credence to this. This team right now needs a head coach who will lift their spirits, inspire new levels of confidence and generate a burst of excitement. What this this team really needs are sparkplugs and a brand new muffler.