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Bird Droppings: Championship Sunday News and Notes from the Jaguars, Patriots, Vikings and Eagles

News and notes from around SB Nation heading into the NFL Championship Sunday.

Divisional Round - Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Happy Championship Sunday one and all.

The AFC Championship Game: Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots

The NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles

In order to get you ready for the games, I’ve invoked the help of my SB Nation brother’s and sister’s and brought some of the best info you can find leading up to the game today.

From Big Cat Country -

2018 NFL playoffs: 6 bold predictions for Jaguars vs. Patriots game - Big Cat Country
How does the Big Cat Country team think Sunday’s playoff game will go?

Sunday could be the Jaguars’ team-of-destiny moment - Big Cat Country
The Jaguars are 65 snaps from the Super Bowl.

Did Blake Bortles secure his starting spot next year? - Big Cat Country
Blake Bortles has forever been a polarizing figure for the Jaguars. From 2015, where there was a debate over how much the numbers he put up actually mattered. To this very moment, where pundits are...

How can Blake Bortles keep up with Tom Brady through the air? - Big Cat Country
Blake Bortles and the offense will have to do some work through the air to have a chance. How will they keep up with Tom Brady?

The Jaguars are built to beat the Patriots - Big Cat Country
On Sunday, most of America is probably going to be rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars to de-throne the New England Patriots. It’s an easy team to root for when going against the Dynasty because...

From Pats Pulpit -

Film Review: CB Stephon Gilmore’s growth turned the Patriots defense around and his improvement was evident against the Titans - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots star cornerback has been outstanding since his return to the field.

Patriots vs Jaguars: Uncovering some of Jacksonville’s defensive weaknesses - Pats Pulpit
There aren’t many, but the Patriots can exploit the Jaguars’ defensive flaws.

How the Patriots have attacked defenses similar to the Jaguars - Pats Pulpit
This time of year is no stranger to the Patriots as they’ve faced defenses as daunting as the one the Jacksonville Jaguars have.

Why Jaguars can’t afford to lean on Leonard Fournette against Patriots - Pats Pulpit
The Jaguars will need to buck an interesting Patriots defensive trend to get their ground game going on Sunday in Foxborough.

Patriots vs Jaguars: FS Devin McCourty buying Blake Bortles hype as Mr. Winter - Pats Pulpit
The Jaguars quarterback turns it up at the end of the season.

From Daily Norseman -

Vikings vs. Eagles: NFC Championship Preview - Daily Norseman
Here we are. The NFC Championship game. One game, one win away from a Super Bowl home game, and the first Vikings trip to the Super Bowl in 41 years. It’s a road game on the one hand, but on the...

How to Beat the Eagles Defense - Daily Norseman
Some ideas based on what’s worked earlier in the season

2017 NFC Championship: Here’s The Deal - Daily Norseman
What do the Vikes need to do to come home with one more game to play?

How to Beat the Eagles Offense - Daily Norseman
Game planning against Nick Foles and the Eagles offense

From Bleeding Green Nation -

Brothers Mychal and Eric Kendricks will face off for the NFC title, but, ‘It’s all love though’ - Bleeding Green Nation
Will the older brother come out on top? I certainly hope so.

Alshon Jeffery has scored more touchdowns against the Vikings than any other NFL team - Bleeding Green Nation
Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/19/18.

Zach Ertz shares an awesome story about Carson Wentz, the origin of the Eagles’ dog masks, and more - Bleeding Green Nation
Nice read.

What They're Saying About The Eagles: Divisional Playoffs II, NFC Edition - Bleeding Green Nation
Welcome to WTS Divisional Playoffs Volume II: The NFC Edition.

4 reasons to feel confident about the Eagles’ chances of beating the Vikings - Bleeding Green Nation
Get ready for action.