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Report: Cardinals want to interview Brian Flores a second time, might have veteran OC with him

The Cardinals head coach search looks like it is waiting on the New England Patriots.

The Arizona Cardinals are waiting and we may know why now.

The Cardinals want to interview John DeFilippo again, but according to Adam Schefter, they also want a second interview with New England Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores.

The bigger bombshell in this is that Flores may be bringing with him one of the most experienced offensive coordinators in the NFL — recently fired Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell.

Caldwell has been coaching successfully as a head coach for a number of years, but his offenses have never been high powered or high octane. He would however deliver an extremely veteran voice and presence to the young Flores’ staff.

If Caldwell is the offensive coordinator, how would you feel about the hire of Flores then?

Caldwell offers an extremely veteran presence, but his offenses have not exactly been great. At the same time, Flores wouldn’t have to worry about an offense or philosophy, so there is that.