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The good and the questions coming out of the Arizona Cardinals hiring of Steve Wilks

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The positives and the question marks in the Cardinals hiring of Steve Wilks.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Positives:

  • Fiery emotional leader who holds players to high standards
  • Comes from an excellent defensive system in Carolina
  • Has an aggressive style, loves to dial up pressure
  • Will teach and preach fundamentals
  • Bringing Carolina’s popular LBC Al Holcomb as DC (could UFADT Star Lotulelei come with him?)
  • Bringing Carolina’s OL coach Ray Brown (could UFA Pro Bowl G Andrew Norwell come with him, if not tagged?)
  • Might be best chance for Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu (contract?) to return to the All Pro Team in 2019
  • The Cardinals have always liked Ron Rivera and now they get his right hand man

The Questions:

  • Who becomes the OC (Darrell Bevell, John DeFilippo, Mike McCoy have been mentioned as interview candidates)?
  • Will the Cardinals under Wilks want a mobile QB?
  • Will the Cardinals switch their base defense from a 34 to a 43 or hybrid?
  • Who will be the STC and will the special teams become special?
  • How quickly can Wilks get the Cardinals back into playoff contention?
  • Will Wilks and his staff develop the younger players quicker and more frequently?
  • Will the Cardinals’ drafts be more dynamic?
  • Will the Cardinals be able to attract free agents more successfully than in the past couple of years?
  • Is the current roster deeper and more talented that we suspect?

Wilks is a charismatic, Alpha type of coach who has the gravitas to hold all the players accountable and to keep their eyes on the prize. Not sure why the Giants and Titans so quickly passed on Wilks, but hey, so did the Bears and others on BA. Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim did what they said they would—-they were deliberate and thorough. Wilks fits the criteria (experienced, track record of success) that Michael Bidwill articulated to the fans and the media when their search commenced.