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2018 Senior Bowl Weigh-In News and Notes

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All the info you need to come out of the Senior Bowl weigh-ins.

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Tuesday morning marked the annual Senior Bowl Weigh-in spectacle. NFL Draft hopefuls march across a stage in their underwear, and have their heights, weights, arm lengths and hand sizes announced and recorded in front of NFL personnel and media. This may seem strange, and the fact that it’s so public makes it so, but the weigh-in is viewed as a necessary evil, providing pro teams with information they can use to determine whether or not players meet certain thresholds. The merit of these thresholds is a debate for another time, but they exist, and make the weigh-in a significant event.

The biggest story of the morning was the player who was not there. Heisman Trophy-winning Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield is set to be a late arrival due to a “personal family matter,” and missed the main weigh-in. Presuming he arrives later, he will be weighed and measured at that time.

For those players who were in attendance, full results can be found here courtesy of Eric Galko and Sporting News.

Here’s a closer look at some noteworthy marks, as I observed the results trickling in across my twitter timeline this morning...

Quarterback Hand Size

Hand size takes on added importance for quarterbacks, as NFL people associate large hands with ball control and security. Scouts are anxiously awaiting Mayfield’s measurement. Wyoming’s Josh Allen (6’5” 237) “checked the box” on his scouting report with a huge 10 1/8” mitt. Meanwhile, Mason Rudolph of Oklahoma State came in on the low end of “acceptable” at 9 1/8” despite standing 6’4” 229. Other QB hand sizes:

James Washington

Washington, the ultra-productive receiver from Oklahoma State, set off alarms by coming in two inches shorter than his listed height (5’11” 210).

All year long, many analysts suggested Washington was built like a running back, yet somehow folks were surprised he actually weighed in like one. No worries. At 210-pounds, Washington has a strong build, and his nearly 34” arms mitigate height concerns.

The Burger King Tiny Hands Award

Mobile local and South Alabama DB Jeremy Reaves checked in with the smallest hands, measuring just 7 3/4”. I imagine this is one reason he doesn’t play receiver. Reaves weighed in at 5’10 5/8” 204.


Jaylen Samuels was a Swiss Army knife tight end/fullback/running back who will likely transition to running back full time. He weighed in at 5’11 1/2” 223 with 31 3/8” arms, virtually the the same size as San Diego State’s star running Rashaad Penny.

Oklahoma’s Ogbonnia Okoronkwo was a productive Big 12 pass rusher, but the general feeling was that he was undersized and he’d have to move off the ball in the NFL. Okoronkwo measured 6’1 3/8” 243, with vine-like 34 1/2” arms, so he may have just enough length to stay on the edge.

Enigmatic Arizona State product Kalen Ballage is still listed at running back, but he was often as his best in more unconventional roles. He’s a terrific athlete, and I wonder if he’ll get looks this week at receiver after weighing in at 6’2” 222 with 33 1/4” arms and 9 3/4” hands.


Texas-San Antonio pass rusher Marcus Davenport is one of the fastest risers of the draft season already, going from the Group of Five to potential top-10 NFL Draft pick. He has filled out over the years after checking in at 197 pounds coming out of high school

Central Florida receiver Tre’Quan Smith has some seriously long arms

A list of cornerbacks with 32”+ arms

West Georgia offensive tackle Desmond Harrison weighed in at just 279 pounds after reportedly battling the flu last week