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Arizona Cardinals to retain quarterback coach Byron Leftwich

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The Cardinals will keep the young quarterback coach.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As Steve Wilks staff comes together one of the main questions has been who would be retained from the Bruce Arians regime?

Not many names have made the cut so far, but maybe the gem of Arians staff, the man who was being heaped with praise before he coached a single NFL game, Byron Leftwich will be back.

Leftwich was an effective mentor to Blaine Gabbert, getting a solid stretch of games from the much maligned quarterback. While making chicken salad out of chicken… crap, was the recipe for season one of Leftwich, he and the team hope to have more young, moldable prospects to tutor moving forward.

The other interesting aspect of retaining Leftwich is the potential continuity if the new offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo say, is a short timer before getting poached as a head coach, Leftwich could potentially step in as the OC in waiting.

Wilks staff has been nails thus far and retaining Leftwich goes a little bit further in ensuring that the Cardinals have the best staff possible for the first time head coach.