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Kyle Lauletta: 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Profile

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The Arizona Cardinals need quarterbacks, could the small school stud be on their radar?

Richmond v Virginia Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images

Kyle Lauletta - Quarterback
Richmond - Redshirt Senior
6’3’’, 215 Pounds

My first small-school prospect, Kyle Lauletta of Richmond, is going to be an interesting observation. He has some interesting tools that will intrigue some into thinking he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Strengths: His arm stands out on tape and seems to provide precise throws when reading a defense. His throwing accuracy on throws 10-20 yards is spectacular and can thread the needle on dink and dunks. His eyes are always down the field. Knows how to absorb a hit without hurting himself. He’s a mobile quarterback and sells the run very well on option plays. His throwing motion is compact, being able to flick his wrist quickly to deliver a clean spiral.

Weaknesses: Like all college quarterbacks, he played in a spread option attack. Floats the ball when pressured, which usually turns into turnovers. His footwork is okay but needs work on three step-drops. His hand-off release seems like wet-tuna.

Cardinals Summary: I like the kid. He is a mobile quarterback who can make plays with his legs and arms equally. His stock will boost with the combine and pro-days, as he will probably be at the top of the list with the 3-cone drill. His shoulders stay square when delivering short intermediate throws, and that’s advance for some college quarterbacks. The Cardinals could use someone like Lauletta as a development piece.

Projected: 3rd-4th Round
Stats: 281 completions, 433 attempts, 64.9%, 28 touchdowns, 12 interceptions
Pro Comparison: Jacoby Brissett - Indianapolis Colts