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Mike McCoy needs to identify a quarterback soon for the Arizona Cardinals

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The Cardinals new OC will be looking for the right quarterback, can he find him?

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The question now is simple, who is the Arizona Cardinals quarterback in 2018?

Without a quarterback in tow, with newly signed Mike McCoy as the offensive coordinator, the Arizona Cardinals Need to figure out whether it is going to be a veteran or a young quarterback, maybe both, that fits with McCoy.

The problem may be McCoy’s expectations or his needs of his quarterbacks.

He asks a lot from his quarterbacks, not only to prepare for the game, but during the game, hell during the play.

McCoy has adapted that slightly, but has gotten himself into trouble with expecting too much from his young quarterbacks:

Mostly, the dissatisfaction comes from the offensive playbook being unwieldy. Elway has always believed in execution over everything — simple and fast — rather than focusing on trying to out-scheme the opponent. The belief is the offense has contained too much this year. At times, the playbook has featured more plays than even when Peyton Manning was under center in Denver, except this version of the Broncos has inexperienced QBs.

What that means is that McCoy is adaptable, but expects a lot from his quarterbacks.

That happens to be one issue that has followed him from his stint in San Diego back to his short reunion in Denver with the Broncos. The Chargers went strong into the passing game, smartly behind veteran Philip Rivers, but they often abandoned the run game.

We talked about how McCoy adapted slightly in Denver, but it wasn't nearly enough, as his quarterbacks left a lot to be desired.

That makes the Cardinals quarterback conundrum even tougher.

Obviously with no quarterback in tow, there is no way to tell who will be available.

If it's the wrong quarterback, they're going to struggle, much like the Broncos. Yet, a smart quarterback makes the offense go for McCoy, who will fit that billing, we should find out soon enough.